At LIU, we are taking bold new steps to enhance what it means to earn a college degree in the 21st Century. We are championing engaged learning opportunities that challenge our students to develop their talents by solving real problems, and we are helping to produce socially engaged, intellectually vibrant, global leaders and thinkers.

LIU Cares, a multi-campus, multi-dimensional initiative, provides access to evolving and active partnerships with community agencies and organizations, and is designed to connect LIU’s 20,000 students, 3,500 faculty and staff, and 200,000 alumni to the power of service through volunteerism and community engagement—locally, nationally, and globally.

LIU Cares is designed to become a comprehensive platform for students, faculty, alumni and staff to access community-minded initiatives. LIU Cares exists to facilitate conversation about what it means to be community-minded in the digital age, and about how digital technologies and tools can best serve the people who use them.

The mission of LIU Cares is to provide a destination for individuals at LIU to develop thoughtful approaches to community engagement, service learning and discovery.

How to use

Within, you can:

  • Volunteer. The LIU Community can volunteer as an event participant, participant, individual, or program volunteer with ongoing campus initiatives or propose your own.
  • Register for service projects. Join LIU Promise and other organizations on various service trips throughout the year.
  • Sign-up to participate in Days of Service. LIU will host numerous designated “days of service” during the school year, and we welcome you to join us.
  • Share your service experiences. is the online destination for all things service and volunteering. We invite you to share your service stories and experiences. Email us at:
  • Engage with the LIU Community. Within you will be able to find like-minded individuals who share your passion for the same cause or charity.

Students, faculty and staff, and alumni can activate their service projects by speaking to the LIU Promise Community Service Coordinator at either Brooklyn or Post, between 12:30 and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Academic Service Projects & Initiatives can be registered and promoted through by contacting the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.